Making A Banner For Free

When you are involved in online marketing, there are a lot of skills that could come handy and one of these is making a banner. You see those attractive advertising banner in different websites and you have probably clicked one or two.

Do you need special skills and expensive software to create your won banner? No, there is no need to as you can create your own using just freely available resources.

Just last week, one of my friends asked me who is doing some of the banners I used in my other sites. Of course, I told him that I make my own. He responded: “Really? How the heck do you do that?” he said. “Are you not using special software and training for that?”

His concerns lead me to think that if he could not make a banner, most likely a lot of others don’t.  So I commissioned another friend to make a video guide for making banners. So here are the videos that could help you quickly and easily use the available free photo editing tool called Photoscapewhich you can download for free.


As stated in the videos above, the generally accepted standard banner sizes are the following:

* 250 x 250 (the size used in the video)

* 300 x 250

* 468 x 600

Note: If you want to see a complete list of standard banners sizes, just click here.

When it is time to post your banner, here is the way to make your banner HTML:

<p align=”center”>

<a href=””>

<img border=”0″ src=”×250.jpg”></a>


In addition, here are good tips on how to enhance the click drawing power of your banners:

* Too much emphasis on making it professional looking can backfire.

* Amateur looking banners can even be more effective.

* Utilize bright colors and handwritten fonts to make it more attractive.

* To gain more attention, use arrows.

* Using awards, shields, testimonials can help a lot.

* Don’t forget to add a call to action like “Get It Here” or “Click Here.”

I hope you learned something here. Enjoy your banners! Please share this post to others in Facebook or Twitter.

Traffic And Backlinks From Press Release Sites

Looking for more traffic and backlinks? Then here is a method to get an average, depending on how well your press release is written, of 500 visitors per day and around 4000 backlinks. We all know how Press Release sites work but only some of them actually syndicate your press release keeping your anchored backlinks intact.

I have here a good list of 20 press release websites which let you place 2 backlinks with your anchor keywords in content plus the most important thing is that they syndicate your press release unbroken. So within just one month, your press release can be distributed to many other websites which can produce traffic and of course backlinks.

As stated, these press releases bring in targeted visitors to your site. Doing this work will never take more than an hour to register and post a ready-made press release to the sites. (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2)

Have a happy traffic generation and link building!

Twitter And Your WordPress Blog

Aside from Facebook, Twitter is now considered to be a very important social networking site and it naturally generates a lot of interest especially from bloggers. Twitter is actually a micro blogging system or platform good for instant updates as well as posting information to the people who followed you.

Twitter has already caught the interest of the conventional media. In Twitter, a member can easily share ideas, thoughts, insights, knowledge, tips, and interesting article sources within the limit of no more than 140 characters.

Twitter is basically not designed to be another marketing venue but then nothing can prevent innovative online marketers from taking advantage of it. In fact, I would say that wherever people are congregating online expect marketers to be there too. Right now, marketers are effectively using Twitter to create brand awareness as well as promote products and services.

Now, anybody who has in mind to spam your Twitter followers with your blog posts URLs and affiliate links, think again. Your followers have the choice to un-follow you quickly.

Twitter should be taken just like any other good social media site. You have to share relevant information and useful insights on your niche by filtering them from hundreds of blog posts published all over the net – this is one way of offering real value to your followers.

When you find helpful tidbits of information related to your niche, by all means share them with your followers. When people are seeing the value of what you are sharing, there is a big chance that others will also be following your account. At the same time, Twitter is very effective in posting current news, hot trends in your niche, humorous pictures, humorous videos and other interesting stuffs.

Posting everyday can be good for your followers though this is not actually a must.  With the use of WordPress for your blog, there are some tools available to automate your Twitter updates. These tools are great for promoting your brand or marketing your products.

One, you must incorporate the Twitter feed into your blog and promote to your blog readers to tweet your blog posts or articles in their accounts. On this regard, you can use TweetThis which is a WordPress plug-in to persuade your visitors to tweet your blog post. If necessary, TweetThis will also condense your blog post URL to fit the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter.

Another good plug-in is WPTwitp-ID plug-in which add a Twitter field to your WordPress blog comment form. When readers are making comments, they can enter their Twitter user ids and the plug-in will create automatic links to follow them in Twitter. This way you are making it easy for your blog readers to share the post and comments in their accounts.

Another WordPress plug-in you have to look to is Twitter Tools which effectively integrate that of your blog with Twitter by grouping all your tweets into the side bar portion of your blog. This also enable you to post new tweets from inside your WordPress blog.

Bloggers are now also using TweetMeme Button to help readers retweet your post in the whole Tweeter network. It also shows a count of how many times your blog post has been retweeted. Tweeter Updater tool will send a Twitter status update to your account when you post something new in WordPress. You can easily find the web sites for these WordPress plug-ins with the use of Google.

Attracting Necessary Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger knows how challenging it could be to entice adequate traffic to the site. Without traffic, even a blog with award-winning content can mean nothing. You need people to read your posts regularly.

Of course, there are some ways you can follow to gradually boost the number of visitors to your blog and make sure that they are targeted so as to also increase the possible revenues your blog is generating. Read on for some practical ideas.

Nothing is more important than being consistent on what you do. And this is also very true when blogging. Make sure you have a good and workable plan for posting new content and stick to it. With your plan, you will less likely to drag your feet in doing it. Because bloggers tend to think of a blog as an online magazine, think of your plan as an editorial calendar.

Now picture out how you are letting down your loyal readers if they keep finding the same old information when they browse your site. With the power of the mouse, it would be easy to be somewhere else and find other good blogs to see. Never ever look down on the role of consistency to your blogging success.

Here’s another good tip you must learn. You can substantially increase traffic to your blog by seriously formulating attractive titles for your blog posts. It is therefore necessary to do some keyword research or even just giving it a lot of thought on deciding the post title. Readers could be naturally intrigued by a particularly interesting title and read your blog just to see what is inside.

Keywords are very powerful allies in increasing targeted traffic to your site which will rebounds to your advantage especially in monetizing side. The more traffic the more money you can make.

Another way to increase visits to your blog is make your writing more engaging and always think of your prospective readers in mind. Do whatever necessary to stimulate your reader’s interest by making them a central part of the conversation.

People could be visiting your blog because they like the topic and would love to discuss the subject by sharing their own opinion on the matter. If you engage your readers by asking them the right questions and opening up the conversation you can increase your readership and increase the number of visitors to your blog.

Why Make Your Blog More Valuable

One way to make a blog more valuable is to use the “sticky” technique. This is using techniques to ensure you are building new and regular readers who will be returning day after day! Bottom line is that sticky websites are making more money.

Creating a profitable blog isn’t just about making more money while you sleep or one day getting away from your day job but to also create an asset you can sell in the future – just like a real estate. Maybe you are dreaming of retiring one day and travel the whole world, buy a beautiful place in the Philippines or you just want to feel financially strong.

When you flipflop or sell a website the accepted computation is that you can sell it usually for 12 months revenue so if you are making $300 a month, you can then sell it for $3600. Of course, on some occasions the site can sell for a lot more. I know of some blogs sold for more than $5 million with just $6,000 monthly revenues.

You should “Have the end in mind and make sure every day you are working towards it.” You need to be thinking from day one who you want to sell your website to years down the road. For example if you are starting a tech review blog then you may consider selling it to maybe Google one day, who knows?

The best type of competition is your own and so once you have mastered one successful blog you may want to consider launching another blog related to your first. I have a good friend who did an amazing job when he first launched a freelance blog, less than a year later he found his readers also wanted to learn more about Photoshop so launched a new blog for that and with in a couple years he now has over a dozen blogs earning up woods of a million dollars a year. He was only able to do this so successful because they were all related and so every time he launched a new blog everyone jumped on board and started reading it.

One thing which I am a huge believer in is funneling back your money into your projects. There are so many bloggers who are already earning into thousands of dollars from their blogs but sadly forget to put anything back into it. There will come a time when your blog can’t improve much further without you investing some of your money.

So in the future when you sell your blog, you may want to consider reinvesting your money into an even better blog. I often think that a lot of companies are investing millions into their websites because they want a piece of the pie. With the internet, business is totally different. It’s hard not to be successful and so when you invest money, if you don’t get a return then it’s not a bad investment, you just probably got scammed.

Traits of True Leadership

In all type of industry, leaders always enjoy the kind of special rights and privileges which ordinary people may not have access to. This is quite true in politics and much more real in business. So the question is: Are you a real leader?

We have to remember that just because a person is suffixing or affixing a certain title or even advertising himself as such will never automatically stamped a person as a real and effective leader. And this is a truth we can see all around us. It is even unfortunate that some are pretending to be real leaders but in fact are just wolves ready to victimize other people or just plainly a proverbial blind leading other blinded people.

I always believe that real leaders are undeniably zealous on helping other people also become more effective as leaders.  Leaders are selfless and would be ready anytime to leave the limelight for someone else when it is needed. The things that are happening in our lives, our workplaces, our businesses, our countries and the whole world are just a manifestation of either pitiable or great leadership.

So what are the traits that make someone a successful leader? There are enormous volumes of books and articles specifically published on this very topic – so much so that is really overwhelming to an ordinary person who is trying to understand on what successful leadership is all about.

With the help of the Gallup Organisation, we could gain some perspective of the most important traits that people expect from their leaders. Here the four core foundations of good leadership:

1. Trust – being dependable and steadfast especially during many challenges.

2. Care – consistently looking after the welfare of other people.

3. Stability – must be consistent and grounded at all times.

4. Hope — inspiring others to hope for the best even during difficulties.

You can be a real leader. However, there is no system that could guarantee to magically transform in just a few days. Leadership is a lifelong process and it is more of a journey rather than a destination.

You can have an abundant, triumphant, wonderful and vigorous life!

Semiologic Pro: Is It Worth The Money?

When you are choosing the layout and look of your WordPress blog, you will most undoubtedly come across hundreds of themes to choose from.  Nearly all of them can be downloaded free of charge, but you will probably find a few that come with a price tag.  When you see something that normally is free, you may wonder if the “premium” themes are actually worth the money.

There are many different themes you can pay for, but one theme I see mentioned quite often is Semiologic Pro.  I have a good amount of experience with this theme and will tell you what I think about this theme and premium themes in general.

I have used Semiologic for a long time.  It is what I originally used to start this site and many of the sites I’ve started for others.  It is simplistic, SEO optimized, and built for marketing and Adsense sites.  The strength behind Semiologic Pro is split between the theme and the selection of plugins that come with the package.  My experience with using this theme for a blog has been positive.  After installing, it is very easy to customize your site to add features you want, and delete the ones you don’t.

Using Semiologic Pro as your theme will give you the ability to simplify your blogging.  With less to fiddle with, you can post your articles knowing that your site will be presented to the search engines in the most flattering way possible.  My past experience has shown that any articles I published using this software has ranked higher than it would have if I had used a different theme setup.

Semiologic Pro has a price tag of about $300 and this allows for a year of updates.  As WordPress updates their software and Semiologic updates their theme, you can keep an up to date version as long as your subscription is current.  Is paying $300 a year for your blog theme worth it to have an optimized blog that attacks the search engines with fierceness?

It was for me, and a lot of other people as well.  But I have also come to the conclusion that you can get the same benefits by using the free Semiologic theme and a good selection of plugins.  There are a few plugins that come with the Pro version that you can’t get unless you’re a subscriber, but the lack of those plugins will not hinder your progress in a major way.

If you want to experience what Semiologic can do for you and your blog, I would first try out the free version of the theme before committing to purchasing the Pro package.  If you like what you see with it, then you can take it a small step further by becomming a paid subscriber at their site.

Consistent Blog Posting Will Generate More Traffic

One of the most important factors you need to apply to your blog is consistency.  Consistency is a key to generating more traffic, more “buzz” for your business, and more interest from the search engines.

When I say you need to be consistent with your blog what I’m saying is that your posting schedule needs to be on a consistent basis.  For the best results, blogging needs to be about generating unique content on an even and dependable schedule .  The product of consistent updates and unique content will aid in increasing traffic and rankings for your website.

Benefits of Consistency

  • Interest – Visitors to your blog will be more interested in what you’re doing if you consistently update your blog.  Blogs that publish new content on a monthly or even bi-weekly rate attract far less interest than blogs that post new content several times a week.  Keep your visitors interested with frequent posting.
  • Customers – If you are using blogging to help boost your business (something I recommend), then it is imperative to keep a consistent schedule on your blog.  Potential customers visiting your blog want to see current information about your business or industry, not news that is old and stale.
  • Search Engines – One of the biggest benefits of consistent blogging is how the search engines will treat you.  Blogs that publish new content an a consistent and frequent basis will get visited from search bots much more often than blogs that post erratically.  This benefit cannot be overstated! Getting indexed more often in the search engines will lead to more traffic and higher rankings for your blog.

One of the easiest ways to destroy a blog is with inconsistency.  Show interest in your blog and others will show interest in you!

Blogging with consistency is a very important principle to follow if you wish to obtain more business and higher rankings.  The consequences of inconsistency will include less interest in your blog and/or business, less readership, and lower rankings in the search engines.  It is crucial to pick a publishing schedule and stick to it.

The posting schedule you decide on has many options.  You can decide to post weekly, daily, every other day, or on some other type of frequent schedule.  For the best results do not post new content on a less than weekly basis.  Choose a schedule that is right for you and stick with it.  Your blog will improve with consistent posting and the traffic to your site will improve as well.

Inspiring Video: Rules For Being Human

Life is a journey and depending on how we use it, its outcome could be good, bad or just plainly mediocre. It could be a little unfortunate (or maybe life is really planned this way) that in reality no one is handed a failure-proof guidebook to show people the correct roads to take.

In life – that is everyday – we are always challenged with different opportunities to enhance ourselves and make us grow. As we are committing mistakes and failures, we have to make the most of the lessons we learn so that we are always evolving.

We must set ourselves on the road of endless learning — from failures as well as triumphs. We can apply the knowledge we learned to improve ourselves. As nobody’s perfect, we must take advantage of the wisdom we accumulated through the years and even share them to other people.

I am inviting you to a very inspiring video to learn some simple and practical rules for being human that can assist us in the all-encompassing course of personal progress.

Were you stirred by this video? What point made the biggest impact on you? Do you have your own “rules for being human?” After watching the video, please share some of your ideas below. You can also share this inspiring video to others.

Backup Your Entire Blog, Not Just The Database

Some people that are new to blogging may have a misunderstanding when it comes to backing up their blog.  They might backup their database and think they are covered.  This only leaves you partially protected in case you experience a loss of data.

The database stores all your blog posts, comments, settings, etc. but it does not contain everything your blog may hold.  Any images you use in your blog, all of your plugins and theme files, and any scripts or additional pages are not included in the database backup.

A complete backup of your WordPress blog will contain your database file and every other blog file on your server.  If you have a copy of all these files then you will always be able to restore your blog in case a disaster strikes.

There are plugins available that make backing up your database a breeze.  Wordpress Database Backup creates a quality backup of your blog database and is easy to use.  In WordPress 2.7, simply navigate to Tools > Backup and download a copy of your database to your computer.

After that, you should download a copy of all the files on your blog to your computer as well.  I use my favorite FTP program to connect to my server and do this.  Most, if not all, of the files you want to backup can be found in your “wp-content” folder and if you are knowledgeable in what you’re doing then this may be all that needs to be saved.  But for purposes of simplicity and to ensure that all necessary files are backed up you may just as well download all blog files from your server.

By making a complete backup of your blog you will never find yourself in the situation where your blog or parts of your blog are lost forever.  Just always remember that your blog backups consist of more than just the words that you publish!