Building Your List Via RSS Feeds

Let’s talk on the importance of RSS Feeds especially in connection with building your list. We know that the bigger your list, the more potential you have of earning money. All the successful online marketers are maintaining their own huge list. As they say, the money is in the list!

So what is a RSS Feed? It is basically a reminder for regular readers to alert them when you have a new blog post, this is one of the most important parts of a blog. I am personally using Feedburner to manage all our feed updates. You can easily sign up and create a code and update your RSS link to the Feedburner system.

Feedburner also have a email update script that you can use, when you are logged in at click Publicize and then Email Subscriptions, they will give you some code and then you can add it as a widget on your blog. To edit your RSS widget is really simple, login to your WordPress Admin again and click Appearance and then Widgets, then click on RSS and paste your email code in and then save the changes. Your readers will now be able to subscribe for updates, when you add a new post and they will get a email or RSS message alerting them to check your blog out.

Ask any professional and successful blogger and most likely they would tell that their biggest blogging mistake was not building a list sooner! Creating a list is so powerful and a great way to make money online. Say you had 100 people visit your site a day and you want to get around at least 15 of them to sign up for your list which means you can promote your website and products to them in future.

What I do is create an auto-responder series which automatically sends them an email every day to encourage them to work harder and make more money online — then I will promote them a product or two. Don’t be scared to promote products to them from day one, after all you only want people who are willing to spend money on your list.

I have a friend who managed to build a gigantic list and his prime technique for getting readers to opt-in is to offer them something, for example “10 Ways Your Can Use Outsourcing To Save Your Company a Lot Of Money” — anyone on a outsourcing website will want to read that and would happily give you their email address to get it.

My friend has built a list for his blog and every time he needs money he will find a product he likes and send his list an email about it and he will earn thousands of dollars! For those of you who will be using your blog to earn money I recommend you look at getting yourself an auto responder to do this. You can choose either paid service or free ones which you can find by using Google.