Creating Facebook Fan Page And Shorten Its URL

With more than 500 millions addicted users worldwide, Facebook is another best place to do business. If you are thinking of doing online marketing, it is now imperative that you create your own Facebook Fan Page.

It is easy to create your own Facebook Fan page. You can follow the video guides below for a much clearer step-by-step procedures. I created my own Fan Page last week with the help of these YouTube videos. I then realized that there is an irritating small problem because in promoting my Fan Page, it has a long URL.

There are those who prefer to just use URL shortening sites like but because it is a third-party service there is a big chance there will be a break in their links some time.  Personally, I won’t risk running into that kind of problem.  So we have to look for a better and permanent solution.

I found these videos on Youtube that solved my problem so I wanted to share this good information with my readers on this blog. First, watch how to create your own Facebook Fan page and then how you can shorten your URL for your Fan Page and make it distinctive.

Learn and enjoy the videos!