Traffic And Backlinks From Press Release Sites

Looking for more traffic and backlinks? Then here is a method to get an average, depending on how well your press release is written, of 500 visitors per day and around 4000 backlinks. We all know how Press Release sites work but only some of them actually syndicate your press release keeping your anchored backlinks intact.

I have here a good list of 20 press release websites which let you place 2 backlinks with your anchor keywords in content plus the most important thing is that they syndicate your press release unbroken. So within just one month, your press release can be distributed to many other websites which can produce traffic and of course backlinks.

As stated, these press releases bring in targeted visitors to your site. Doing this work will never take more than an hour to register and post a ready-made press release to the sites. (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2)

Have a happy traffic generation and link building!