Inspiring Video: Rules For Being Human

Life is a journey and depending on how we use it, its outcome could be good, bad or just plainly mediocre. It could be a little unfortunate (or maybe life is really planned this way) that in reality no one is handed a failure-proof guidebook to show people the correct roads to take.

In life – that is everyday – we are always challenged with different opportunities to enhance ourselves and make us grow. As we are committing mistakes and failures, we have to make the most of the lessons we learn so that we are always evolving.

We must set ourselves on the road of endless learning — from failures as well as triumphs. We can apply the knowledge we learned to improve ourselves. As nobody’s perfect, we must take advantage of the wisdom we accumulated through the years and even share them to other people.

I am inviting you to a very inspiring video to learn some simple and practical rules for being human that can assist us in the all-encompassing course of personal progress.

Were you stirred by this video? What point made the biggest impact on you? Do you have your own “rules for being human?” After watching the video, please share some of your ideas below. You can also share this inspiring video to others.