Blogging Pays The Bills

Tarpon Springs, Florida – 2-year-old Jenna Williams is laying down the tracks for a toy train while her mommy Tina Williams taps, twits, and posts — turning Jenna’s playtime into e-commerce.

“We all need a plan B in this economy, and that plan B could be blogging,” said Williams.

The 44-year-old mother of four has been creating sites online for several years, but found her blogging niche in response to some negative feedback from a woman who called her daughter Jenna a “change of life baby” and also called Williams a “new old mom.”

“I was really upset, almost in tears that she called me a new old mom. I didn’t feel that old and I am not that old,” she said.

Now she embraces the title, by creating a blog “The New Old Moms Club” for moms over 40. She earns extra money from advertising on her site and also from product reviews.

“The very most important thing in my mind is the K-L-T factor: Know-Like-Trust. Because the people who come to your blog, reading your blog are going to need to know you, like you and trust you. You have to give them good content because you are going to be building a community.”

That community is nurtured on sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and then driven to the blog.

“Getting involved with like-minded people who blog and are blogging to is a great way to learn, grow and bring traffic to your blogs.” That traffic, or number of visitors to your sites, increases your influence and will attract advertisers.

“The more they come back to your blog, the more they like and trust and they will click those links and they will buy from you.”

Blogs are free, but buying a domain may cost you a few dollars.

Williams says branding and owning a digital identity is essential to making money on the web. is a place to buy a domain name.