Traits of True Leadership

In all type of industry, leaders always enjoy the kind of special rights and privileges which ordinary people may not have access to. This is quite true in politics and much more real in business. So the question is: Are you a real leader?

We have to remember that just because a person is suffixing or affixing a certain title or even advertising himself as such will never automatically stamped a person as a real and effective leader. And this is a truth we can see all around us. It is even unfortunate that some are pretending to be real leaders but in fact are just wolves ready to victimize other people or just plainly a proverbial blind leading other blinded people.

I always believe that real leaders are undeniably zealous on helping other people also become more effective as leaders.  Leaders are selfless and would be ready anytime to leave the limelight for someone else when it is needed. The things that are happening in our lives, our workplaces, our businesses, our countries and the whole world are just a manifestation of either pitiable or great leadership.

So what are the traits that make someone a successful leader? There are enormous volumes of books and articles specifically published on this very topic – so much so that is really overwhelming to an ordinary person who is trying to understand on what successful leadership is all about.

With the help of the Gallup Organisation, we could gain some perspective of the most important traits that people expect from their leaders. Here the four core foundations of good leadership:

1. Trust – being dependable and steadfast especially during many challenges.

2. Care – consistently looking after the welfare of other people.

3. Stability – must be consistent and grounded at all times.

4. Hope — inspiring others to hope for the best even during difficulties.

You can be a real leader. However, there is no system that could guarantee to magically transform in just a few days. Leadership is a lifelong process and it is more of a journey rather than a destination.

You can have an abundant, triumphant, wonderful and vigorous life!