Social Media Power

Two years ago, when I started my affiliate marketing business I have set up my website and in the first month I had three visitors to my site, and I must say that those too came unintentionally.

After I started to understand how the system works, I have submitted my site to website directories. I have set up my blogs and I start posting. I wrote articles and I have submitted them to article directories. I have created accounts to the main social networking sites and I have bookmarked all my pages to the social bookmarking directories.

The result was 1500 visitors daily to my site in less than three months, my list start growing with about 20 visitors daily and I started to make sales.

It is the result of one month of research and tests, but it proved to be very beneficial for me, and I am sure that will have the same result for you and for any affiliate marketer. It is a time proven and tested method not only by me.

Right now, I am into Facebook. I love the traffic I get from Facebook. Why? One word….quality. Generally, Facebook traffic is converting twice as good compared to other form of PPC such as the Big G. Facebook sells ads all over their site but it is not yet a crowded place. Facebook is an affiliate’s friend.

Fact is, I’m ticked at Google right now and if I can help Facebook to kick their butt and help you in the process…I will be happy. Most Facebook ads are targeted so that the stuff  they see is stuff they are interested in, that’s what makes their customers so great. It is targeting.

Plus, yours is the only ad they will see at a time so it can be considered as a “virgin” traffic or marketing in a vacuum.