Blogs have fabulous growth potential

The fascination for all-things blog grows from the same plant that makes pyramid sales schemes so attractive – the explosive growth potential.

Myth or not, dreams of profit from pyramid selling, and its slightly more reputable multi-level cousin, are beguiling. It seems so simple, so without hitch and so possible. Anybody can recruit a few dozen disciples and then sit back while they each recruit their own posse and the earnings flow up the pyramid like lightening climbing a rod.

Except, of course, lightening doesn’t climb. No matter, it doesn’t stop millions of people being electrified by pyramid schemes each year.

Blogging is similar – or to be more exact, getting readers to a website is similar. The more inbound links you have, the more readers you get from Google. Inbound links are what traffic is all about.

But for any given subject, there is already a top-of-the-pyramid site, the site that all others refer to. For making money out of blogs – problogging – the top site is Darren Rowse’s Nobody else comes close and all refer to him like some omnipresent being.

The reason pyramids schemes fail, is because  they run out of people at the bottom. The disciples end up paying the cash to join, but make nothing.

So it is becoming with blogging. You start a blog and set up loads of out-bound links to people like Darren, but everyone else is so busy focusing on the top dogs you can never get your own inlinks.

It’s a tragedy, because, as reported in Wired, an¬†article on the viability of blogging for a living, “at the bare minimum, a lone blogger will likely need to attract high four- to five-figure daily visitor figures to even attempt a blog-based livable wage.”