How To Choose a Free Blogger Template

Blogs and the activity of blogging became popular in the late 1990s. Many blogging platforms exist today with each one offering different characteristics and cost. Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google which allows a user to set up a free blogging account. From this account, a blogger can create one or more blogs.

A blog can be tailored to meet a user’s needs both in functionality and overall design. The blog content’s physical arrangement and display are controlled by a template. The template is the HTML code which controls how information will be displayed on the blog.

Users with strong technical skills can edit this code or write entirely new code. For users with less technical skill, many Blogger templates exist. Before downloading a free Blogger template, there are several considerations that should be reviewed.

How To Pick A New Blogger Template

Before selecting a Blogger template, consider the type of content and focus of the blog. Understanding how the blog will be used and the image it should portray will be important in deciding which blog template is best.

  • Visual Look of Blog¬†– A blog’s aesthetic or visual look will determine how readers respond to it. If a blog’s design features dark colors and anime-inspired graphics, it may harshly contrast and not work well for someone who seeks to write about parenting and child development. Consider appropriate colors, graphics, and overall design which closely match the content of a blog.
  • Layout and Content Arrangement¬†– A blog’s physical arrangement of content is also a top consideration. Blog templates now come in a wide array of formats typically ranging from one to four columns. The blog posts are usually in the largest column but can be arranged to the left, center, or right depending on the design. Identifying what other types of content will appear on the blog will help to understand how many extra columns are necessary.
  • Supported Functionality¬†– Blogger provides a list of functionality that can be added to any blog. Some blog templates provide additional custom functionality or creates spaces for specific content to appear. A blogger seeking to display advertising may seek a Blogger template which comes prepared with areas pre-specified for standard advertising units to display.

One of the most important and often overlooked considerations is from where the Blogger template is coming. Blogger provides a basic set of free templates but many more templates are available through searching online. While these templates may seem like a bargain, it’s best to consider templates which have a specified owner who will provide support for questions on installing and updating the template. When using an anonymous free template, it may not function correctly or may require updates at some point in the future.

Blogger provides a set of free templates which can be used. Once an account is created with Blogger, a user is given access to a dashboard allowing for customization of the blog. To select a different Blogger template at any time, a user can do so by selecting the “Layout” dashboard tab, then selecting “Pick New Template” from the sub-menu (see Figure 1 below).

From the Pick New Template menu, a user can select from 16 blog designs with a variety of color schemes and layouts. The desired template is selected and then the “Save Template” button is selected. The new blog template will now power the blog.

How To Upload A Custom Blogger Template

Once a custom Blogger template is identified on the interest, it should be downloaded to the user’s computer. Before uploading it to Blogger, make sure to first download the existing template being used in case it is needed in the future.

Select the “Layout” dashboard tab, then select “Edit HTML.” From this sub-menu, select the link “Download Full Template” (see Figure 2 below).

Once the existing template is safely downloaded, the “Browse” button shown on the sub-menu page is used to search the user’s computer for the new Blogger template that will be used. Once selected, the “Upload” button is clicked to import the new template design. The new template will now power the blog.

Easy To Change A Blogger Template

Blogger provides an easy to use dashboard which allows a user to quickly change from one template to another. Whether using a Blogger provided template or seeking to use a free template, consider first the function and overall design the blog should portray. By following the steps above, a new template that perfectly matches the blog content can be changed in a matter of minutes.