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Risks Of Computer Technologies In Colleges And Universities

The internet wasn’t built to be used as it is today. It was built for academics to share information with each other. Nobody expected it to be one of the main channels for commerce, communication, espionage, and sabotage. That means that in many ways the security networks that have sprung up to protect our interests are playing catch up. They’re constantly trying to plug holes and protect networks that were supposed to be wide open and not need protection.

But that, as The Economist has pointed out, isn’t the only problem. There is another one and that is that for most companies there isn’t really that much incentive to actually build a Fort Knox of the internet. The reason for this is that many internet companies have managed to get themselves into a situation where they’re not held liable for the damages that are caused when there is some sort of breach or problem.

That means that they have little incentive to go all out on protection.

University Students

And that’s not even the worst part. By far the biggest problems and weakest link in all things internet are the users themselves. And some of the least careful people you’re going to find in this world are university students. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying all university students aren’t careful. There are plenty who are.

The thing is, you don’t need most of them to be as that still leaves holes the size of a bus for anybody who wants access. You need all the people to take steps to protect the integrity of the internet. And that’s just not going to happen with university students. There will always be somebody who cares more about going out tonight than changing their password tomorrow, or who is more interested in the latest new software than checking if it’s authentic. They can’t help it. Their brains are changing and that makes them impulsive.

And so they will click on things they shouldn’t, use insecure passwords and forget other security issues. And those are probably the most controllable. Then there are going to be another group who will actively try to subvert the network in order to get what they want. At my undergrad program, there was a student who had hijacked a whole bunch of computers so that he could use their space and processing power to run his own projects.

The worst part? He was the system admin!

Education helps

Of course, it’s not hopeless. There are opportunities to actually educate university students. It doesn’t take that much work to impress on them the need to be more secure. Mainly it’s down to making them aware of what risks they’re running by not being secure (with the focus being on how they will get harmed).

Generally having somebody who can explain in vivid detail what the dangers are and give examples of things that have happened before to people who were not secure will already impress on many students the need to change. It is probably best to use somebody who they actually respect (that does exclude most system admins, unfortunately). As long as there is then an immediate opportunity to be more secure so that they can immediately take steps, security can be improved dramatically.

Of course, these types of workshops do need to be mandatory. Otherwise, the people that will show up are the exact people who are most likely already secure while the worst offenders are going to find other things to do, like browse TrustMyPaper and you can find them here.

And some parts should simply not be accessible

As for those looking to crack the system, it’s important for any university to realize that there are always going to be better at getting into systems then your system admins are going to be at keeping them out. That’s down to the fact that there simply are so many more students going in and out of your system than admins. And though the vast majority won’t know a USB plug from an HDMI socket, some will understand the inner workings of the computer world better than your system admins do. That’s how probability and large numbers work.

That’s a given.

For that reason, some systems that are vital to the university should simply not be accessible from any computer. Yes, this can inconvenience staff and sometimes be a real annoyance. But it’s a better choice than leaving your important documentation out there for anybody with a misspent youth to find.

And, of course, make sure every system is backed up regularly. For even if you think you’re secure, some student will probably find some way you’re not.

I Am Alive: A Very Inspiring Video

I came across this inspiring video recently and I wanted to share it with you. The message is a very simple one, but it is powerful. So if you have not seen it before, just spend a couple of minutes watching it and it should set the tone for a wonderful day:

Always take a moment to be really thankful for who you are…because you are gift for yourself and for others.

I am awake, energized, and alive. This is one of the affirmations you’ll see along with others in this short two and a half minute presentation, and that’s the way I feel each time I have finished watching it. It’s amazing how messages and imagery can change our outlook on life for the better — even if it is just for a day.

This is a subject that is also covered in Greg Frost’s “Mind Miracles” ebook, which you can pick up for FREE. Yes, for free. Get it HERE.

You can learn to use mental imagery to further crystallize your goals and give yourself a kick every now and then.

Building Your List Via RSS Feeds

Let’s talk on the importance of RSS Feeds especially in connection with building your list. We know that the bigger your list, the more potential you have of earning money. All the successful online marketers are maintaining their own huge list. As they say, the money is in the list!

So what is a RSS Feed? It is basically a reminder for regular readers to alert them when you have a new blog post, this is one of the most important parts of a blog. I am personally using Feedburner to manage all our feed updates. You can easily sign up and create a code and update your RSS link to the Feedburner system.

Feedburner also have a email update script that you can use, when you are logged in at click Publicize and then Email Subscriptions, they will give you some code and then you can add it as a widget on your blog. To edit your RSS widget is really simple, login to your WordPress Admin again and click Appearance and then Widgets, then click on RSS and paste your email code in and then save the changes. Your readers will now be able to subscribe for updates, when you add a new post and they will get a email or RSS message alerting them to check your blog out.

Ask any professional and successful blogger and most likely they would tell that their biggest blogging mistake was not building a list sooner! Creating a list is so powerful and a great way to make money online. Say you had 100 people visit your site a day and you want to get around at least 15 of them to sign up for your list which means you can promote your website and products to them in future.

What I do is create an auto-responder series which automatically sends them an email every day to encourage them to work harder and make more money online — then I will promote them a product or two. Don’t be scared to promote products to them from day one, after all you only want people who are willing to spend money on your list.

I have a friend who managed to build a gigantic list and his prime technique for getting readers to opt-in is to offer them something, for example “10 Ways Your Can Use Outsourcing To Save Your Company a Lot Of Money” — anyone on a outsourcing website will want to read that and would happily give you their email address to get it.

My friend has built a list for his blog and every time he needs money he will find a product he likes and send his list an email about it and he will earn thousands of dollars! For those of you who will be using your blog to earn money I recommend you look at getting yourself an auto responder to do this. You can choose either paid service or free ones which you can find by using Google.

Important WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins are pieces of software that you insert into your WordPress page. A very critical factor in the customization process has something to do with plug-ins. There are actually thousands of plug-ins available to the WordPress platform and all of them have varying functions and features.

For example, there are plug-ins that could get automatic posts delivered to your webpage while others can be a convenience in search engine optimization. To be specific, a plug-in called Google Analytics offers statistics related to the performance of your blog so that you can keep follow on how it’s faring.

Plug-ins can be simply defined as software that brings your webpage to life by offering additional functionality. If you think of your web page as your standard car then when you add things to it (like an automatic gearbox, electric windows, power steering etc) your car’s functions improve. Plug-ins are just an online version of these accessories – they improve the basics of your webpage.

These are the essential plug-ins you will need to get started:

All in One SEO Pack

Google XML Site Map


Google Analytics

Amazon Autoposter

Ebay Autoposter

Why do work Adsense

Let’s take a look on installing plug-ins. For this example, we will be using the first two on the list above. So, to begin; go to your WordPress home page, and select ‘Plug-ins’, under the ‘Dashboard’ tab. Choose to ‘Add new’ and in the drop down menu select ‘Author’ and input ‘hallsofmontezuma’. This looks confusing but it is simply the name of the author who created the ‘All in one SEO’ plug in.

Then choose to install the ‘All in one SEO’ plug-in and then ‘Activate Plugin’. You will be presented with a red message telling you to configure your plug-in.

To do this, you simply have to go to your Dashboard and find ‘Settings’, underneath this tab you will see your newly installed ‘All in one SEO’ plug-in. To configure it, you have to choose to enable your ‘Plug-in Status’ and enter a ‘Home Title’ (something that describes your product (example: Golf Lessons) and some ‘Home Keywords’. Then simply scroll down and ‘Update Options’. You will then receive confirmation that your plug-in has been updated.

Now we will go on to install our second plug-in (the Google XML Sitemap). As we did before select ‘Plug-ins’, under the ‘Dashboard’ tab, but this time choose ‘Term’ in the drop down menu and enter ‘Google XML’ into the corresponding box. When you click ‘Search Plug-ins’ and find the ‘Google XML Sitemap’ choose to install it and the ‘Activate Plugin’.

Configuring this plug-in is slightly different. You have to log in to your Control Panel (remember: your website URL followed by /cpanel) and scroll down to ‘File Manager’. Double click to open it and then go to the ‘Home Directory’ and select ‘Public HTML’. Create a new folder and call it ‘Sitemap’. Locate your new ‘Sitemap’ folder and single click on it (so that you simply highlight it), then, on the menu bar select ‘Change Permissions’. Ensure that the permissions in the boxes read 7 – 5 – 5 from left to right.

Returning to your WP-admin page (your WordPress page), select ‘XML Sitemap’ in ‘Settings’. Scroll down to the point where you see two boxes under the ‘Custom Location’ (make sure ‘Custom Location’ is selected). We are going to add in the word sitemap into both files, so that they line up with the new folder we created in the Control Panel. The two boxes should now contain a block of text that looks something like this:

Yours won’t have the same words in it but all that you should focus on is that there is the inclusion of /sitemap.xml at the end) Now ‘Update Options’. Then scroll to the top of the page and click ‘Rebuild the sitemap’ – it is important you do this. Go back to your Control Panel and open up the ‘Sitemap’ folder you made; two files will appear. Choose to view Sitemap.xml and make sure that lines and lines of script appear. If it does then that’s the job done!

Blog Writing Tips – topics, ideas

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to blogging is: “What should I write about?”. The topic came up because we were sort of debating about whether blog posts should be about you personally and what you are doing or should they be tips and tutorials about how to do something.

The most beneficial and effective answer is: “Why not both?” Let’s talk about that here.

You must have at least five personal posts to each one tutorial type of post. Based on the experience of different bloggers, the tutorial posts are what attract people over to your blog and the personal posts are what keep them coming back. If you’re boring and not offering something of value, they will most likely click their mouse away from your blog.

Now, if you do have too many tutorial and tip posts, your blog can be compared to In this case, you are just basically giving away information that people can find anywhere else on the web.

With the addition of your person

al posts, you can discuss your personal goals and add your own personal touch and connecting with your readers. Tutorials are great to bring in readers from social networking and social media websites but it is the personal touch that brings them back and makes them care of the things you are sharing.

So when you are creating the content for you blog, always remember to post about three to five personal interesting to every one tutorial type post.

Take note that the tips and tutorials will bring them to your blog while the personal touch will keep them as your returning loyal readers.

Creating Facebook Fan Page And Shorten Its URL

With more than 500 millions addicted users worldwide, Facebook is another best place to do business. If you are thinking of doing online marketing, it is now imperative that you create your own Facebook Fan Page.

It is easy to create your own Facebook Fan page. You can follow the video guides below for a much clearer step-by-step procedures. I created my own Fan Page last week with the help of these YouTube videos. I then realized that there is an irritating small problem because in promoting my Fan Page, it has a long URL.

There are those who prefer to just use URL shortening sites like but because it is a third-party service there is a big chance there will be a break in their links some time.  Personally, I won’t risk running into that kind of problem.  So we have to look for a better and permanent solution.

I found these videos on Youtube that solved my problem so I wanted to share this good information with my readers on this blog. First, watch how to create your own Facebook Fan page and then how you can shorten your URL for your Fan Page and make it distinctive.

Learn and enjoy the videos!

Avoid These Mistakes In Website Creation

Just yesterday, I received an email from a friend and she asked: What makes you stay or on the other hand click away from a website? Aside from content, it is the web design which holds a major factor why a visitor will decide either to stay on the site or return over and over again or will just click the mouse away.

There are some easy steps we have to make in the process of creating the site. One of these critical factors is making sure that the design is well-placed so as not annoy your visitors with bad appearance and in the end keep them interested with the content and what the site can offer. The content is important but if the whole design itself is not properly designed then the site may have some problems. You may have precious information and attractive offerings but if the visitors are turned off from the homepage then there is no use of the website.

Never forget that font is something not to be forgotten as a lot of viewers are giving a second priority to the contents of the website. Make your font style & size more appealing to your intended audience. That is why one should avoid using the unpopular font styles & sizes.

People complained from text that does not have enough contrast from the background, multi colored text, as well as white text on black background. Though the white text on black background has a very pleasant and contemporary look, for a lot of text it becomes tricky to read. No one will spend the time to read the text if it tires the eyes and frustrates them. So if you want your text to be read, go for properly colored background and text coordination.

Do not make the navigation of the website very complicated as most viewers never appreciate difficult browsing experience. If you are involved in online business, your procedures in sale & purchase processing must be clear and easy. You should make an easy process for the same to cater new customers as well as retaining the old customers.

Colors used in the website also play a crucial role in attracting viewers’ attention. In case you have used very fast and sharp colors that could hurt the eyes then there is a big possibility that they will just click away to other good websites. That is why you should use those colors which make the ambiance of the web page friendlier and easy.

One last important thing to take note is how fast the loading of your website is because slow loading sites will definitely not be good to get viewers. For example if your site is heavily laden with so many applications, the loading rate can be affected. Remember that we should be enticing viewers or the customers to stay and enjoy the site.

So make your site full of good contents as well as make the experience more pleasurable and easy for your viewers.

Marketing: The “Big Screen” Secrets

Isn’t it frustrating when you have a great product or service for people that you know will change their lives if all they did was simply try it and use it the way they’re supposed to… But they don’t? Then it is time to adopt the so-called “big screen” secrets to create huge buzz for your business through social media. Don’t worry because you are not required to put a multi-million advertising budget for this. Essentially, this can be done for free!

So what happens when you increase people’s use of your product? This is important as it could create a bandwagon or viral effect. When people are willing to use the word-of-mouth endorsements for your product, then you hit the goldmine.

1. You get more testimonials and success stories (which increases future sales).

2. You get more loyal customers (which increases repeat sales).

3. You get less refund and fewer drop outs. And if you’re talking about downline members or affiliates this means your residual income lasts longer.

4. When people get results from your product it increases your belief about what you’re doing and this translates into more sales for you because of your enthusiasm.

5. People spread your message and talk about you to other people on their own when they’ve experienced results with your product.

So what’s an easy way to do this? I know that you might be thinking that it can be a mountainous task. Well, I have a very good story to share to you.

It was 1940s and nobody liked to eat margarine. It was not part of the grocery list of many consumers. In other words, regular consumers had no interest in buying it or eating it.

Then there was a guy named Louis Cheskin who formulated what he called as “sensation transference.” In that era, margarine was plain white. So what Cheskin did was color the margarine yellow and wrapped it in foil which in those days was associated with high quality.

The result? People started buying margarine – creating an entire new product line in grocery stores that didn’t exist before. And surprisingly, in head-to-head taste tests with butter, people now said that the yellow “margarine” (they weren’t told it was margarine) on a slice of bread tasted great. Wow! Remember that the margarine here was basically not changed – it was just the color and the packaging.

This lead to future discoveries by Cheskin’s marketing company that showed that…

1. Ice cream tastes better when it’s in a cylindrical container as opposed to a rectangular container and people are willing to pay more for it

2. Chocolate chip cookies taste better when the chocolate chips are bigger as opposed to smaller.

3. Peaches taste better from a glass container than a tin container.

And of course, there is the famous Pepsi Challenge which showed that in blind taste tests people prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coke, but when people know what they are drinking, Coke wins.

The part of the experiment that most people aren’t told about is that an entire can of Coke is actually scientifically proven to taste better and maintain its quality longer than a can of Pepsi.  It’s only when people are given an initial “sip” of both in blind taste tests that Pepsi wins. Surprised?

In summary, you must be aware that the strength of your packaging and the experience you create when marketing your product has a great effect on the actual quality of the product itself.

It also has a major impact on how many people follow through with their purchase and consume your product — which means more satisfied customers and repeat purchases.

And when people use your product, that’s what gives you the feedback and results you need to keep making your product better.

So your marketing materials aren’t just “marketing materials.” They are an actual part of the value of the product itself.

Of course you have to be equally committed to delivering a quality product or service as you are to packaging it. You need both for short term and long term results.

Basic Techniques: Making Your Blog SEO-Friendly

Not making their blogs or websites search engine friendly is one of the most important mistakes a lot of bloggers are making. We have to remember that search engines are the biggest and  the easiest source of traffic. If you look at your first blog post URL it will be when you really want it to say

You want your URL’s and blog post titles to be what you expect people to be searching in Google, not something that always sounds good to you. Whether you like it not, we have to be in consonance with the artificial intelligence of Google.

To make your links search engine friendly like we want it to be, log-in to your WordPress Admin and then go to Settings and then click Permalinks located usually on the left side. Modify the settings to Custom Structure and then use the code /%postname%/. Basically, this is one way to get your blog and your posts become a SEO friendly.

Another important SEO change is your page title and description, I personally use a FREE plugin to do this called All in One SEO Pack but as you guys are just starting, you may just want to edit these details from your WordPress Admin by clicking General under Settings. It is really important to choose the right page title, if you look at you will see the title is “Young Entrepreneurs Making Money Online” — it says what the website is about and it has my 5 more important keywords and you should do the same. If you domain is and is about Street Dancing, then you don’t want your title to be 55street but instead Learn to Street Dance.

You also have a Blogroll on your blog which can be one of the most effective ways to start building links and traffic to your website. Find 5 to 10 blogs under your niche and ask them to link to your site and you will do the same for them. You can add or edit your blogroll by clicking Links in the sidebar of your WordPress Admin. It is also important to have a SEO friendly link, so instead of getting them the link as “55street” ask them to put the text as “Learn to Street Dance.”

This is just one of the very basic things you should learn on Search Engine Optimization.